Submission rules

The free oral topics shall be presented in thematic sessions; they shall have ten minutes available to be presented and five minutes for questions and answers.

The posters presentations shall take place in an area assigned for such purpose, in the format 78 cm (horizontal width) and 120 cm (vertical length). Each work shall have assigned, within the scientific program, the date and time to be presented. The author shall be present at the time appointed, in order to answer possible questions by the participants.

The authors may suggest the modality of presentation to the scientific committee; however, this will reserve the right to define it and will communicate it to the author timely.


The abstracts should be sent by this site (See instructions in Sending Process) and meet the requirements described below:

The abstract should be in English. It shall be structured and shall not exceed the 250 words. The structure shall be the following:



    Methods (relate materials and methods)

    Results (make reference to the results and discussion)


The papers not meeting the formal requirements will not be accepted:

Date of admission of the abstracts: September 1st, 2016 to February 26, 2017.

Official language: English.

Note: Having a job approved in any of the above embodiments is the guarantor of its inclusion as a delegate, not participation without works. Send your proposal and ensure their participation.