Please register via the Conference website:


450 CUC


350 CUC

Accompanying persons

150 CUC

 * For delegates from South and Central American, African, less rich Asian countries: 280 CUC

** For students from South and Central American, African, less rich Asian countries: 200 CUC

 Students should present the identification

 Registration fee includes:

Delegate/ Undergraduate student:

  1. Name Badge
  2. Participation in scientific sessions
  3. Entrance to the exhibition
  4. Participation certificate.
  5. Conference bag.
  6. Coffee breaks.
  7. Participation in social activities.


  1. Name Badge
  2. Souvenir 
  3. Participation in social activities  

Payment instructions:

The enrolment fee may be paid directly in Center of Enrollment and Accreditation (Centro de Registro y Acreditaciones) of Havana International Conference Center (Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana), the venue of the event, at the moment of the accreditation, with:

    CUC cash (Cuban Convertible Pesos)

    Credit cards

 The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is the currency of official circulation in the country. It can be obtained on your arrival to Cuba at airports, hotels, conventions centers, bank offices and in currency exchange offices. The exchange to this currency can be made with Euros, US or Canadian dollars, sterling pounds, Swiss francs and Mexican pesos, by the rate of exchange and the commissions valid at the moment.

In Cuba, the following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Cabal and MasterCard, as long as the creditor is not a US bank.

 You can also choose the special package offered by Palco International Sales (Ventas Internacionales Palco), which provides the option of online payment, in an only transaction, in addition to guaranteeing your enrolment, access to all the activities of the official program, accommodation at Palco Hotel (hotel of the venue to the event), in/out transfer and personalized assistance.

 The payments in advance can be made by a bank transfer to the account of Palacio de Convenciones (International Conference Center).

 Letter of invitation

The participants who need an Invitation Letter for processing their presence in the event need to ask for it to the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee. This invitation is meant only to help visitors to raise travel funds or to obtain visa, and is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support.